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Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures offers an energetic and creative learning environment, a diverse and dedicated faculty—whose expertise spans a broad array of Languages and Literatures—and a student body that comes from every province in China.

Approximately 1,000 students are now learning in Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures. More than half of them are pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English language and literature, while others are earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese, Spanish or Chinese language and literature. There are still others who are studying for continuing education degrees.

The faculty includes 6 full-time professors, 14 associate professors, 55 lecturers and 7 assistant instructors on English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese language and literatures. Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures also has more than 30 adjunct professors and professors emeriti. They are committed to promoting language ability development, literature appreciation, cross-cultural critical thinking and, further, to providing diverse opportunities to live and work in international contexts. For example, students can study abroad for short and longer periods, and can pursue internships abroad.

Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures offers a rich variety of subjects and courses. Students can study English, Japanese, Spanish and Chinese at a number of levels. The curriculum features more than 80 courses and seminars that cover a wide range of cultural, linguistic, literary, and foreign trade fields. Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures also offers a joint Master’s Degree program with Nanjing University of Science and Technology.

Most of our classes provide an authentic linguistic experience through the use of the most advanced technologies, including multimedia devices, the Internet, online class, digital language lab and interactive videos. Students can explore languages and literatures in the original languages or in translation. They can study both Chinese culture and foreign cultures. They also have convenient access to large number of original films and references, and some native speakers.

Languages and literatures education of Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures helps students achieve their full potential and prepares them for success in foreign trade, translation, editing, publication, journalism, international tourism, teaching, public service and more.

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Last modified: January 4th, 2015