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Student Affairs

Building a community. Empowering students.

Student Affairs is an integral part of students’ educational process and offers programs and services to help them achieve their full potential at Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures.

Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to delivering programs and services, ranging from counseling services to student activities, involvement and leadership, that assist you to achieve your full potential. And we strive to support your development by providing a learning environment that promotes academic success, leadership development, social responsibility, and holistic development in the intellectual, social, cultural, spiritual, emotional, career, and physical realms.

For most of you, university years represent a very important transitional stage in your life. These can be a time of extremes and contradictions; a time of incredible excitement and a time of anxiety and confusion; a time of experiencing strong self-confidence and independence and a time of experiencing insecurities and dependence; a time of grieving the life you left behind and a time of elation for the new beginnings.

Office of Student Affairs is a community that knows how to help you through this important transitional period. You don't have to do it alone. There are talented and dedicated student leaders, staff, administrators, and faculty in this learning community who are here to assist as needed.

We will encourage you to get involved in campus activities and sporting events, and will continually seek to involve you on campus committees both as a way to increase your learning opportunities and to engage you in the life of SFL.

If you have any questions and difficulties, please don’t hesitate to ask the staff for sincere help.


Last Modified: Sep.,28th, 2013