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Teaching Environments


Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures’s ongoing investment in high-quality teaching and learning facilities ensures our academic staff and students can achieve their full potential. We provide extensive resources from a reference room to language labs and networking. These help to create an intellectually stimulating and richly resourced environment where people thrive.

Our central services in the heart of the main Wujin campus of the University brings together administration, learning, teaching and services under a single roof will give everyone easy access to the support they need.

Together with the University’s multimedia classrooms, lecture theatres and seminar rooms, Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures installed 12 modern digital language labs and a digital Simultaneous Interpretation Training Lab to provide the best learning and training environment for students to exercise their new learnt practical skills on live models, and teaching environment for the faculty to give their interesting academic lectures on various subjects.

Our reference room, though very small, is a storehouse of information specialized in foreign languages and literatures with over ten thousand volumes of books, over 30 important periodical subscriptions in the field of foreign languages and literatures, plus over 1,000 pieces of audio-visual archives and multimedia materials. We provide skills training to help students, researchers and teaching staff make the most of library facilities.

Information technology definitely is an integral and vital part of modern education, which strengthens teaching, learning and research in a number of areas. Our first-class facilities include: several online learning websites for students’ flexible autonomous learning, and a faculty’s computer room equipped with high specification PCs which offers our teachers convenient access to the university network and the World Wide Web at broadband speed and serves their teaching and research ends.

There is a digital audio-visual processing center which can record automatically foreign programs in realtime to provide our students authentic learning materials. It also provides high-quality audio-visual processing service for teaching purpose.

Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures also runs an English broadcast station, casting English news and events to the students and faculty of the University. It’s a valuable chance for our students to practice their language skills.


Last modified: Sep., 29th, 2013