Director of Tokushima Prefecture Shanghai Representative Office visits CCZU

   Release time: 2014-04-01    Have access to: 26

   Makoto Yamakawa, Director of Tokushima Prefecture Shanghai Representative Office, visits CCZU to promote the development of Sino-Japanese culture communication, on 14th, March and lectures on the communication between Tokushima and China in the University library



In the speech, Mr. Yamakawa introduced Tokushima’s foods, drinks and sceneries to all the teachers and students majoring in Japanese language. He also broadcast some videos of famous awa dance and animation festivals. Besides, he talked about some activities that have been held in China, for example, the ChinASoBiCosplay. In the interactive session, students expressed their views actively and raised questions. Mr Yamakawa answered patiently all the time. It is hoped that SFL will have further cooperation with Tokushima prefecture Shanghai representative office in the cultural festival held in April.

                                                    Mr Yamakawa introduced Tokushima culture


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