URV Professor EstelleVolga visits SFL

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    URV Professor EstelleVolga, Professor Angela and Professor Antonio paid a visit to SFL on the morning of 7th March. They also held a detailed talk about further cooperation between two schools. SFL Dean Xue Rong, Deputy Secretary of CCP Xie Zhangli, SIEE Dean Chen Yin, Assistant of Director Du Zhifeng and teachers of Spanish major Lv Xiaoxiao, Xu Shuo attended the meeting.

In the afternoon, Pro Estelle gave a lecture for all the teachers and students majoring in Spanish. He talked about the customs of Tarragona, its curriculum, free service and accommodation of foreign students. Pro Estelle also introduced the summer camp in detail. He answered kindly student’s questions and warmly welcomed the students who will study abroad at URV.

                                                            URV discussed cooperation with SFL

 Prof. Estelle introduced URV to all the teachers and students of Spanish major


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