Youth League Committee of SFL receives award from the Youth's Voluntary Service Organization of Jiangsu province in 2013

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Recently, The Definition of Praising the Excellent Youth Volunteers, Volunteer Programs, Volunteer Action Organization and Voluntary Service Contribution and Naming the Base of Youth Volunteer Service in Jiangsu Province in 2013 was promulgated by the Communist Youth League and Voluntary Association of Jiangsu province. Youth League Committee of SFL was honored with “Volunteer Organization Award in Jiangsu Province” again.  Lu Suwana student from English-103, was entitled to “Excellent Youth Volunteer in Jiangsu Province”.

   For years, volunteers of SFL have been adhering to the school motto of “Duty” and the volunteerism of “Dedication, Friendly love, Mutual Aid and Progress”. Not only did they assume major roles in major events such as L-Ning China Masters, FINA Diving World Cup, Asian Women's Handball Championship in London Olympic Games, Changzhou Friendship Day of The World Expo, the 8th China Flower Expo and some other domestic and international major activities, but also they were all along participating in volunteer work in the social practice bases like Changjing Ideal School, Changzhou Special School and some communities. The SFL volunteer work that was commended by the city and the province many times has established a good reputation and formed a unique brand in Changzhou. There is no doubt that its winning the honor once again will make contributions to promoting the development of the volunteer work in college and the construction and development of New Changzhou.

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