Teachers of English Major Communicate and Study in the School of International Education and Exchange

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   Teachers of English major attended the test of the emphatic curriculum construction project “English Speech and Expression” in Room 517 of SIEE at 8:30 a.m. on Dec.30th. The course was taught by Jing and Reasen, the foreign teachers, and opened to all the sophomores of the School of International Education and Exchange. During the course, students were divided into several groups according to their own specialized fields and were given topics about the current issues of the majors. The teacher offered a topic “Contributions of Chinese Breakthroughs to Internationalization” as the final exam of this semester and the students needed to organize speeches and hold corresponding interviews with units related to their own fields such as the hospital, the factory and the company outside campus.

This teaching and testing method was praised by the authority, the teachers and the students of the School of International Education and Exchange for its original mode, close connection with students’ majors, active and multiple forms of expression which can arouse the subjective initiative, and justice and equity. Teachers of English Major were inspired by the teaching method and said it was feasible to offer such courses or make use of such method sometimes in the basic courses. The combination of English learning and the topics of social and international current issues can urge and help students to know the newest hot topics and practice their speaking skills, which can cultivate many talents for the municipal and provincial speech contests.

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