Skill Contest of Japanese Text Typing concludes

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The First Skill Contest of Japanese Text Typing held in w1715 concluded on December 25th. All the 63 students of 2012 from three Japanese classes took part in this contest.

The competition took the class as a unit and the students in the three classes participated in it in turn. The participants were required to input the specified text into word document in the Japanese Input Method during 10 minutes. The result was judged according to the amount and accuracy of the typing. The content of Japanese Input Method Test Three was chosen as the specified text for the match. Students conducted the entire contest in a tense but orderly atmosphere from 9am to 10:30am. When the text entry ended, lecturer Bu Xiaolei and lecturer Zhang Yue saved the finished documents. After the game, all the teachers from Japanese major evaluated the grades of participants. He Xiani from Japanese-121 class won the first prize. Wang Jiahuan and Ding Yaofei won the second prizes. Wang Wei, Wang Limin and He Jia won the third prizes. Recently the awardees would be awarded the certificates.

This competition provided an opportunity for the students of Japanese major to enhance the Japanese text typing skill and prepare for thesis writing and employment. It also exposed the students’ problems that they did not master the Japanese Input Method skillfully and the typing speed was slow.



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