SFL Students Win Prizes in “FLTRP Cup” Changzhou English Speaking Contest (2013)

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  The “FLTRP Cup” Changzhou English Speaking Contest (2013) was held in Changzhou College of Information Technology on 7th December. Under the support of SFL authority and the guidance from lecturer Lu Ting, lecturer Wang Chunyan and foreign teacher Donald, four CCZU students  won prizes, and they were Hu Shiqi from English-111 who won the second prize in English major group, Zhou Qian from English-111 who won the third prize in English major group, and Ding Yiming from Electronic-112 and Jiang Shuai from Spanish-121won the third prizes in non- English major group.

The contest welcomed 74 contestants from 15 colleges and universities in Changzhou. It includes two segments that were prepared speech and question answering. In prepared speech part, the two contestants from SFL prepared adequately, spoke fluently and performed successfully; in question answering, they were calm and nimble and answered accurately.

The contest created the arena for undergraduates to improve the language ability and demonstrate the personalities. Through the communication on or beyond the contest, the contestants bordered their field of view, enhanced the confidence and developed the English application ability. SFL will deepen the development of students’ English speaking ability and strive for better result in next year’s contest. 





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